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My apologies for a few comments that have been taken the wrong way.

I have posted a few comments that have been taken the wrong way. But it was my fault for not thoroughly thinking through them before posting. I really am sorry if I have offended anybody. I don't want to be a troll or policing these royal discussions.

October 14, 2013


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Thanks dude, appreciated! Having no possibility of intonation in written language I can see that this an happen easily :)


Thanks for understanding.


It happens on every message board, Trethuan, and it's one of the perils of a medium that encourages conversation rather than essay-writing, but is stripped of non verbal cues. I would guess most of us have fallen into the trap online at some point.


We all say things that people take the wrong way at times, and we wish we could just take them back! You now have a fresh start! ;-)


I don't know what you posted before but I appreciate you for posting this. Being able to apologize for something is a sign of courage and strength. I hope that you will make yourself understood in future posts. Take care and good luck with learning at Duolingo.


Thank you, everyone.

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