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Duolingo now translating BuzzFeed and CNN

This week we’re excited to announce partnerships with BuzzFeed and CNN to have their content translated by our community of language learners.

As you know, Duolingo is committed to providing free language education for the world. From the beginning, our plan to finance the platform has been to have our students translate real-world documents as they practice their foreign language skills. We like this model because it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement: students receive high-quality, completely free language education, and organizations get translation services powered by the students. Today’s announcement that two major publishers are financing our operation by translating their content with us is a significant milestone in keeping Duolingo free forever.

Over the last few weeks, our native Spanish, Portuguese and French speakers learning English have been working together to translate BuzzFeed and CNN articles while practicing their English skills. All of these articles have been published in the international versions of BuzzFeed and CNN.

With over 10 million users, we’re now able to guarantee high-speed, high-volume translations in a matter of hours. By combining the effort of multiple students translating each phrase, our algorithms are able to produce crowdsourced translations as accurate as those from skilled professionals, meeting the quality standards of major publishers.

We are excited for this new phase at Duolingo and hope our community will enjoy translating the notoriously entertaining BuzzFeed articles and the top news content from CNN.

October 14, 2013

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Could one of the categories be sponsered? I think that would help a lot to find the articles, that pay duolingo ;)


I would love to see that! I don't do much Immersion but when I do, I always think that I would prefer a nice article that also helps DL. But I can never find them.
I have a good guess about which ones are paid but you can never know for sure. And there are probably more out there, about themes that I would find more interesting, but you never see them. So please, make it easier for us to help you getting paid. ;-)


You can tell whether an article is sponsored by looking for the gray "Sponsored" badge next to the title on the Immersion page. But for now, sponsored articles are only available for people learning English, so native English speakers won't see them.


Ahhh! Thanks! That's why I don't know about it.


Oh, that makes sense :)


I definitely agree with this one! :)


We're making history together.



Last I heard, there are 510,000 Italians on Duolingo (either learning English or learning from English). Also, many of us English speakers learning Italian would love to help detect misunderstandings in translations from the English text, with Italians ensuring the target language sounds natural.

Please, what about a trial at least? There are a lot of Italian/ English speakers craving meaningful texts to work with!


Congrats, this is the future. :)


Great! There are some interesting inaccuracies, though!


Congratulations, DL team!!! ¡Felicidades!


Muchas felicidades, Luis. ¡Lo mereces!


Congratulations. Big news.


I am glad to be part of this =)


That's great! It's too bad though that only people learning English are translating for paying clients (Right now). I'd love to be a part of helping Duolingo profit, but I'm a native English speaker and I'm learning German.


It's about demand, I imagine. That, and there are more people learning English on Duo than any other language (nearly half of Duolingo). A good reason to keep attracting more users!


Ya, I know, I just really wish I could help out too.


You can. Switch your language to German or add your own article.


Huh? Only French, Spanish and Portuguese people learning English are translating for paying clients. If I switched to German to English (Can't anyways, as that's not available) then it wouldn't help the situation at all. And uploading my own article doesn't make them money.


True. I forgot that there are no German courses... Sorry.


That's not the case, is it?


If you read the opening post, you'll see that only people learning English are translating articles for BuzzFeed and CNN.

Over the last few weeks, our native Spanish, Portuguese and French speakers learning English have been working together to translate BuzzFeed and CNN articles while practicing their English skills. All of these articles have been published in the international versions of BuzzFeed and CNN.


Ah, y una preguntita. ¿Vamos a tener la oportunidad de traducir articulos de español a ingles, o solamente la reversa? No sigo mucho la sección latina de CNN, pero creo que tienen mucho contenido y, por eso, oportunidades.



Also, so that I don't alienate anyone, I'm basically just asking if the agreement is going to include Spanish to English translations as well as the obvious English to Spanish. CNN has a pretty large Spanish section and there should be a lot of content there to tap into.


If I understood correctly from the announcement, Spanish speakers are translating to English, and not the other way around. Check the post!


Right. I see that, which is great. I'm just curious if there might be any plans to do the reverse since CNN has such a large Spanish section. It opens up a lot of copyrighted content in the Immersion section if something like that were to happen.

Not to take anything away from what is already happening - it's fantastic. Just seems like the next logical step.


I think they would be translating from English. It says people learning English which would mean they would be reading articles in the language they're learning (English) and translating them to their native language. And this is for their international versions which would require languages other than English.


Yes, that's right. The Buzzfeed and CNN articles are in English. You translate FROM English INTO your native language. You can see this if you change your language profile to "I am French learning English". Lucky things!


I don't know if there is demand for English translations of CNN en Español. It's basically news for the Latin@ world, so the target audience speaks Spanish, not English.

I'm looking forward to seeing what English speakers get to translate, too!


Excellent news, in view of this I suggest this (optional daily Newsfeed - http://www.duolingo.com/comment/955436).


Hi Luis,

would it be possible to add your original post to the Immersion section so we could later post it into the French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese Forums?
Indeed there are questions about it (at least one here http://www.duolingo.com/comment/889074) and it would be great for non-English speaker users to know about it, IMO.

I tried to upload into immersion this page (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/954969), but it doesn't work (it doesn't upload this specific thread...).
Or maybe Duo prefers to translate it and post it itself into Forums.

Whatever option you prefer, I really think it's a valuable information to share to all users.


Complimenti Duolingo! Best wishes for taking on additional clients, especially those whose source content is not English. Many of us native English speakers are anxious to go about translating real articles and contributing to the cause. We'll be watching.


Good job duolingo!


Awh Yeah! Buzzfeed in german, here I come!


German's not an option ;)


Only for French people learning English. They translate English articles into French.


Congratulations, I can't wait until most (or all) major sites use Duolingo!


Congratulations, that's great! Too bad I can't help out translating sponsored articles. I know it's very normal in the Translating world to have native speakers of the source language do the translating to the target language, not the other way around, but it's still a shame xD


What a fantastic project ! Well done to those that thought it up, those behind the scenes that have done the hard work to do the programming and set up, and those of the community that have and are participating to make this amazing productive and motivating project happen, to improve the world, for themselves, and all humanity. Helping us all communicate and understand !


How can I find the buzzfeed articles to help Duolingo by translating them?


that is awesome :)


How do I start translating?


By clicking on the "Immersion" tab (in the top blue bar) if you have it. If you don't have it then you can't.
Have a look here for more information.


Cómo veo los artículos?


Why did they take translations down? Anybody knows?


Anybody knows?

Yes, the Support Pages: "What happened to Immersion?".

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