"My coffee is not with milk."

Translation:Моя кава не з молоком.

July 14, 2015

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It's right to say: моя кава без молока.


What's incorrect with без молоком


Preposition без (without) requires genitive, so it's без молока.

Preposition з (with) requires instrumental — з молоком.

There is also another meaning for prep з — from, made of. That one requires genitive. Кава з молока means either coffee made of milk or coffee that origins/comes from milk.


Without milk is more naturel than "not with milk", the purpose of this exercise notwithstanding


Mmm, "without milk" will be "Моя кава без молока". This sentence is literally saying "My coffee is not with milk". Compare to "Моя кава з молоком" - "My coffee is with milk" (literally)

"Without milk" is more natural but not really a translation of this sentence. But I definitely agree with you that "My coffee is not with milk" sounds weird, so maybe "without milk" can be accepted as a flexible not word-to-word translation :)


Even in Ukrainian "Моя кава не з молоком". sounds weird to me.

It feels like there should be another clause here: Моя кава не з молоком, а з (don't know, maybe whiskey? :D ) віскі - My coffee is not with milk, but with whiskey


Yes, exactly, this sentence structure does feel like implying that to me as well!

I would say без молока. And that should be even better, since it's Genetive, which is often used! Немає молока, до молока, від молока, без молока, дай мені молока :D While з молоком is Instrumentalis which is used a little less and harder to comprehend for, well, non-Eastern-Europeans who didn't study Greek or Latin x)


That's what Irish has done with me :D


I like Irish coffee, sometimes even without the coffee.:)


"Bez moloka" in fact sounds more natural, and that's how native speakers would say... It HAS TO BE accepted! but it wasnt....


Моя кава без молока looks to be more correct here


моя кава без молоком. I see this discussion preceeds me. All good points Duo’s sentabce structureis odd.


Why is it wrong to use the verb "to be" in this sentence -- "ne ye z molokom"? Sorry, but my Cyrillic keyboard is not functioning.

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