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[ Suggestion ] Pop-up to prevent accidental lesson interruption

I feel like it'd be very useful to have a (perhaps optional) pop-up asking for confirmation when it comes to clicking away from an unfinished lesson. The number of times I've accidentally clicked away is way too high already! :'(

Surely I can't be the only one who's managed this? :P

October 14, 2013



I've never made the mistake but I can imagine the frustration of doing so. However it wouldn't hurt to have just a bit more practice. :P


Haha - it can hurt if it's forced! :P I usually look at the comment thread for every question I answer. One common thing that catches me is if I click to view a hidden comment and click too fast afterwards on the spot where a username happens to appear. Or sometimes accidentally hitting the back button on my mouse :'( It all improves from being careful... but sometimes I simply stop being careful, what can I say! We all get too relaxed sometimes I think :P


Please please please please please - now I'm looking with the sad puppy eyes - please please implement this.

Signed - a puppy who has had innumerable lessons smashed to smithereens just by clicking on the main menu bar at the top in the middle of a lesson.


This is a great idea. There are times when I accidentally click on a username and when I click return I have to start all over again.

I also use a trackpad on my laptop and sometimes I accidentally swipe to the left, the page goes to previous page and I lost the lessons.


I have encountered similar problems and I totally agree that it would be nice if Duolingo implemented this.


Heh, yes, it still happens to me even tho' there is now a 'You are about to navigate away from this page' popup. I still occasionally get caught when I read an interesting comment in discussion and click on the commenter so I can learn a bit more about them (totally not a stalker, promise).


Hmm, I've never had such a pop-up myself! I wonder why... :S


I use IE only for Duolingo (as my usual browser had problems with the audio) and I think it is something triggered from IE.


I get this most frequently when I want to see the "Discuss sentence" section. I click on an interesting user or link and BAM: lost a few minutes of work. Hitting "back" just takes me to the lesson start page.

I am sure it is not intended to work this way, because although in the Android app we can't see the "Discuss sentence" section, and can't even click on a user name/icon, the app it warns you with a pop-up if want to exit in the middle of a lesson.

Please implement this also on the web-based app, too.


that would be useful I think, so it's a good idea too.


Memrise does this same thing!

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