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  5. "India is a new place."

"India is a new place."

Translation:Is áit nua í an India.

July 14, 2015



tá an india ina áit nua

How wrong is this and why?


It'd be ina háit nua, since India is a feminine noun..

. But, even though with everything you've been taught here having them equal, I don't think it'd be used that way. In native speech, there is a difference between Is múinteoir mé and Tá mé i mo mhúinteor. The difference is hard to explain, but the latter one conveys something more recent, or something you're acting as, but don't see yourself as - so, something temporary. Given that distinction, and the other usage (when, for example, the copula has no form for what you're trying to say, such as "I will be a teacher"), even though Duolingo hasn't taught the difference, I feel that form wouldn't be used for countries and stuff.


What? It's new? How?


The speaker hasn’t been there before? So it’s probably new to them.

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