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  5. "La koloro estas bela."

"La koloro estas bela."

Translation:The color is beautiful.

July 14, 2015



Why does it call colour less preferable than color?!? Canadian spirit says bring on the u!


I usually write without the U but my new iPad "corrects" it so I had almost right too...


this annoys me too tbh

[deactivated user]

    And me. The sentence I translated before this one was, "La kolorblinda viro ne ludas." I put, "The colourblind man does not play." This was marked as "almost correct", with the word "colourblind" underlined to indicate that (according to Duo, who must be an American owl) it was wrong! To be fair, that was the first time my "British English" spelling had been marked wrong. I did report it.


    All the English languages on this site are in American English.


    Well, to be fair, Duo does use the American flag for English, so they aren't exactly hiding where their loyalties lie lol


    Mi ŝatas "Colour" ne "Color".


    Does this mean that a particular color I'm looking at is beautiful? Or could I just be saying that color is beautiful and I like colorful things (as opposed to black and white or something)?


    Great question, I'd love to see it explained!


    We are tasked with translating "The color... " implying that it's only one colour under discussion.


    I guess "the color is nice" is wrong. Right?


    I typed that too; I assume it could be acceptable.


    so, I can't trill r, so I 'tap' it instead for the trill r. But because I can't and the 'l' in this word is so close by, I'm getting tongue tied over this one word 'koloro' hahaha.


    Try to tap your tongue in the same place your tongue is when you pronounce 'l', 'd', or 't'. It's hard to get used to but it does help. Don't put your tongue in the same place that you do when you pronounce 'v'. Here's an interesting video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld3A3QCpXd4&t=69s Hope it's useful


    my tongue isn't involved in the sound of 'v', so I'm not going to put it against my bottom lip. o.o and yeah, I already do put my tongue where I pronounce my l or d, that doesn't me though haha


    Ah ok. Sorry I couldn't help.


    Se la koloro estas bela Tiam la koloro estas violkoloro


    The audio has been recoded in a cave?


    Hey the bad audio is back


    Plus the lady pronounces bela as bejla.

    • 1801

    The first word sounds like "ila", which of course makes no sense.


    Wow, this section was teaching me the color was ugly a few times, now suddenly telling me it's beautiful, gee Duo, make up your mind

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