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First contributors to be added this week

Whoever has signed for a contributor has probably received already an email stating that they'll approve the first contributors this week, but they won't approve everyone at once so that they get the wholet thing right. So if you applied but don't get approved this week, don't lose hope!

October 14, 2013



The full email notice:

Update on the Duolingo Language Incubator

Thank you for applying to be a Course Contributor! Here's an update on where we're at.

We've received many applications. Thousands. And we are extremely grateful that so many of you believe in our mission. We're going through the applications now and will start getting back to you this week.

Crowdsourcing language courses has never been tried before, and we are making sure we get it right with the Incubator. This means we plan on slowly adding Contributors to ensure that the quality of the learning content remains high.

Thank you for taking part in this historic project. Team Duolingo


Thanks for this! I've been really anxious to get some kind of feedback about this. Has anybody actually gotten accepted yet?


Not yet, I believe (or rather hope) we'll see the first few contributors by tomorrow sometime.


It is ridiculous. I'm looking forward to the answer from Duolingo like a child waiting for a letter from Santa Claus. They must have done something right to get this many people excited :)


Will this period be the only time we can apply to be a contributor?


I'm sure the option to apply will never disappear. If they planned to stop it at least for some time, they would have done it after first few hundred applications (it means few hours after start of this option).


I totally understand you. In fact, after checking my email I also check the Incubator website to see if Duo has already started adding any contributors. I feel somewhat relieved when I see they haven't yet. :x


I do that toooooo!!! :) :D :P ;)


I hadn't read the forums so when I looked at the incubator page yesterday I thought literally no one applied, lol! Glad to see it's the exact opposite that SO many have applied they're having a tough time going through the applications.

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