"Він не любить яйця, а ти не любиш вареники."

Translation:He does not like eggs, and you do not like dumplings.

July 14, 2015

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Varenyky isn't quite simliar another dishs in other countrys. It's a typical ukrainian dish and it should be honored by the own name.


Indeed. But I hadn't actually realized that this was a Slavic dish. It is a popular Low German dish where I live.


I think vareniki should also be accepted as correct translation. I could be wrong though.


It didn't accept pierogi as a translation of вареники


Well, because they are a bit different dishes :) Like, let's say "rugby" and "American football", can't translate one into another although they're pretty similar


Might be a regional thing? I, too, think "perogy" and "pierogi" should both be accepted for вареники. Because if I google "вареники", what comes up is definitely what we call "perogies" here in western Canada. (Or pyrohy if you're of Ukrainian descent :) ) Conversely, if I think of "dumplings", I think of Chinese potstickers or Japanese gyoza.


I think the name of this dish is not necessary to translate. Because then "borscht" must also be translated as "beet soup". As for "pierogi", it is a Polish version of the name, and it is not commonly used translation, although it describes the same dish. "Varenyky" will be fine. Google and Wikipedia know this word.

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