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[Suggestion] : Add an optional daily Newsfeed/Article/story/etc(immersion) to translate/read

In view of the recent announcement(http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/954969) by Duolingo. I think this is an excellent opportunity to have a new [optional] newsfeed displayed every single day on the main page. Since the news is constantly being updated, it would always keep things interesting.

Preferably, this could be customizable by the user or completely removed(if one doesn't like it), and could display more than one article.

The advantages of this would be twofold:
1. Immersion on a language every single day by reading new interesting news [to the user].
2. Exposure to new content would help people refresh and relearn the words they learn, without rummaging through the immersion section.

In addition, it would serve as a perfect way to expose new content in duolingo because as it stands one never knows when something is added.

Summary: Add a newsfeed to the main page to highlight new news articles or other content for translation and immersion.

October 14, 2013



Thank you for this suggestion! Bringing back to the rest of the team.


I like the idea. I like reading articles but i'm too lazy to look for them and i'd be really glad if i had some article(s) prepared for me by the DL team daily. I support this idea and it would be great if such ideas were implemented in the service.


You and me both( lazy) I only go to immersion if suggested after completing a lesson.

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