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"मेरे जूते जामुनी हैं, तुम्हारे लाल हैं।"

अनुवाद:My shoes are purple, yours are red.

July 14, 2015

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Your"s" is red how is it ..


It's tricky question but let me try. You can learn by observing behavior of these words.

The adjective are the words which modifies word after it and adds some specialty. Such as Red . A Red Book is a book but it's different from just a book.

Now Adjective works in two way. One when it lies beside the word, another the word it specifies is in far at subject position. Example:

Attributive adjective: It is the red book.
Predicative adjective: The book is red.

Now possessive word also does same thing.

Attributive Possession: It is my book.
Predicative Possession: The book is mine.


Attributive Possession: It is your book.
Predicative Possession: The book is yours.

This sentence uses second king of possession.
"My shoes are purple, yours are red"

which is exact counterpart of this sentence. "Your shoes are purple, mine are red"


It is red because it are mine

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