"Laŭ mi, la interreto bonas por Esperanto."

Translation:In my opinion, the internet is good for Esperanto.

July 14, 2015


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Given the subject and context, I wonder if it would have accepted "IMO". ;)

October 29, 2015


It doesn't. I just failed doing it.

November 12, 2015


So to say "IMAO" you might say "aroglaŭ mi"!

Although I'm not sure if you can add affixes to prepositions…

February 4, 2016


Laŭ mi, Esperanto bonas por la interreto.

May 11, 2016


How, uh, hard should I roll my tongue here?

In something like "ret", is the R trilled like in Spanish, uvular like French, or tapped like Japanese? Does doubling the r, or ending/starting with an R change the pronunciation?

I can't believe I haven't settled this yet, lol.

April 9, 2016


I think officially it's like the spanish r, but in practice people use whatever is easiest for them to pronounce.

June 24, 2016


In fact, the most used and accepted are the flap (like in Spanish pero) and the thrilled (like in Spanish perro). The English R is not so used, but people will understand you, and probably almost no one will complain about that (some will only recommend that you try to make the flap or the thrill, but if you're having trouble with them, they will understand).

But the French R isn't so recommended, because it can be mistaken as Ĥ (for example, I'm Brazilian and often mix those two sounds).

June 2, 2017


Mi ne scipovas legi la "rr" in "interreto". So just trill a little longer? (but I use a flap instead because I cannot pronounce trills...)

June 26, 2016


I think the idea is that they're pronounced separately. One syllable ends with an r and the next syllable starts with an r, but if you're talking at a normal speed you wouldn't really be able to tell the difference.

June 26, 2016


Jes... mi ne povus trovi ian libron pri esperanto cxi tiu.

July 14, 2015


jen, ĉi tiu estas multaj libroj: https://www.gutenberg.org/browse/languages/eo

July 29, 2015



July 30, 2015


Vi povas aĉeti esperanta libroj ĉe tie: http://katalogo.uea.org/

August 19, 2015


I'd like to find a tts engine in Esperanto. Thank you

May 29, 2017


Come on...

August 4, 2016


The last letter lets us know if it is a noun or an adverb or an adjective, so it can be important. Esperanto, esperante, esperanta

"esperant" is also a word in Catalan: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/esperant https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/esperante https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/esperanta https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Esperantujo#English So, you are asking the computer to guess which one you meant and let it give it to you correct even if you meant one of the other forms?

Many of us have hit the ENTER key before we meant to, so I totally commiserate with you. I used to hope that they would understand that when there was supposed to be an apostrophe and I hit the ENTER key by mistake that they might figure out that I did not mean to put "C'' instead of a whole sentence in French "C'est ....", but it is rather difficult to get something like that passed. I would have appreciated that they check for the apostrophe and ask if I really was done before leaving.

Generally a one letter typo will pass if it does not form another word.

October 9, 2016



May 29, 2016


why has it marked my "internet" wrong and demanded "net"?

March 7, 2018


What was the exact sentence you typed? Try copy-paste. The system could be wrong, or maybe you're making a mistake that you're not seeing.

March 7, 2018



March 21, 2016


laux cxiuj el ni, la interreto bonas por Esperanto!!

December 30, 2016


WTF? I type “internet” and get the red bar, telling me I should have used the word “net?” I’ve reported this SEVERAL times and no admin responds. I think the course creators have left the site.

March 5, 2018


Or they're busy with other things.

What exactly are you typing. Maybe post a screen shot or copy-paste your exact sentence.

March 5, 2018


I typed: "According to me, the internet is good for esperanto"

And was told the correct answer is: "According to me, the net is good for Esperanto."

March 7, 2018


In this case, it looks to me (as someone who is NOT an admin, but who has talked to the admins about how this works), there must be only a few answers registered with "according to me" in it -- so the computer finds the answer that it thinks you were trying to say. Next time, try "in my opinion" and see if it then accepts "internet."

If it doesn't accept your answer and you think it should, then report it. If you've reported it and haven't heard back "several times" - then relax and keep learning.

March 7, 2018
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