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  5. "Добрий день!"

"Добрий день!"

Translation:Good afternoon!

July 14, 2015



It's just like how you say it in the Czech language:

Ukrainian: Добрий день!

Czech: Dobrý den!

October 18, 2015


I'm confused as to how I'm supposed to pronounce "день". Is it a nasalized?

July 14, 2015


It's palatalized, so there shouldn't actually be any nasal sounds there. "нь" should sound like ñ in Spanish.

You can also check here, maybe more different people pronouncing helps :)

July 15, 2015


"N" is a nasal consonant. Of course it is nasalized. :) They vowel, however, does not receive considerable nasalization.

July 15, 2015


The forvo pronunciations helped a lot, thanks. I speak Portuguese and every ending with n and m are nasalized lol

July 15, 2015


Oh, I thought by nasal you mean like the "ng" sounds which is not there :) I see! Good that you have the background of other languages, helps a lot :)

July 15, 2015


In other languages I have learnt, such as Spanish, this would be nearer to 'good morning'. Do Ukrainians get up early?

May 4, 2018


It depends :) Literally "Добрий день!" means "Good day". It's not nearer to "good morning". But in some regions of Ukraine it is a standard greetings that can be used regardless of the part of day.

July 29, 2018


Is День masculine? If so, does Добрий change to (Добря/Добриі)?

November 9, 2016


День is masculine. Добрий is the masculine form. Добря/Добриі do not exist.

November 9, 2016

[deactivated user]

    Добра is the female form

    April 12, 2017


    уан добра

    July 18, 2017


    If добрий день means good afternoon, is there a general expression for "good day"?

    December 16, 2018


    Добрий день also means good day

    November 6, 2019


    As this is a standard greeting, shouldn't Duolingo accept "Hello!" as a translation? I know it's not a literal, word-for-word translation, but the usage is the same.

    May 21, 2019
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