help me add

please help me add the language of czech and russian to duolingo it would help me a lot in class please please please add these languages

October 14, 2013


Hi Ilovehorses12! Have you applied to the Incubator? I hope so!

no i havent but i have seen it i just want to learn the language czech because my mom and grandma is from the czech republic and wants me to speak it at home please help me

You want to help add Czech and Russian? Those are the two languages I want!!! :D

YAY!!!! You are the best! :)

ya i agree i want these languages to it is sad not to have them

i'd love to learn these lgs too, really:)

If you really can't wait, you could check out these resources: Honestly, I also can't wait for Russian (Czech would also be nice), but I'll try to wait patiently as duolingo is really the BEST tool for learning languages :) Ps: I've tried with a russian book before, but it's not really helpfull, as there's no listening practice to it and so I might learn the pronounciation wrong... :-o So: I'll wait patiently :P

please add these languages duolingo

I think most people in this thread thought that you meant that you wanted to add those languages to Duolingo as you know them, but it appears that you just want to learn them. Or am I misunderstanding you? I'm confused lol.

That's what I thought... we're confuddled!

wow lots of people want these languages

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