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"Can I get a larger cup of coffee, please?"

Translation:Kan jeg få en større kopp kaffe, vær så snill?

July 14, 2015



i answered: kan jeg få en større kopp kaffe, takk? and it was wrong but it is what i hear around, vær så snill is too formal in this context. Actually I'm told that vær så snill is not much used anymore, except when children are too desperate to get candies


This should now be accepted.


When is "vennligst" appropriate?


When would you use vennligst?


My understanding is that vær så snill is a plea or request, while vennligst is more of a polite demand. You'll often see vennligst used on signs in stores, restaurants, and other public areas.


Is this asking someone if they can get you a larger cup of coffee or are you asking if you could get one yourself?


Shouldn't it be "er du snill"?

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