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"Anche qui la gente viveva come noi."

Translation:Even here people were living like us.

October 14, 2013



I wrote "people were living like us here too" and it didn't work. Anyone knows the reason why?


Because when they did the database nobody thought of that particular construction to put in. If you think it's close enough then report it as a possible alternative, though personally I think it is slightly different in meaning to 'Even here people were living like us", but purely in terms of where it puts the emphasis.


But "Here too people lived like us" is acceptable?
I think the placement of 'too' creates little difference; but I am unsure if it has a precise meaning in Italian.


Is there any reason 'Anche' couldn't be translated as 'Also' here?


I suppose they arranged it 'cos it accepted my answer with "anche"


‘Even people here...’ is no different from ‘even here people...’


How about "Even here the people lived as we did." ?DL didn't like it, but it sounds perfectly fine to me


In fact "the people used to live as we do" is better than "used to live like us," which is grammatically incorrect, though commonly used.


I don't understand where is my mistake!?!?!? Please, explane me.


We are not telepaths. We have no idea what you put. I doubt the system keeps track of what you put to that extent, so even if someone who worked for duolingo read this they wouldn't be able to help you unless you actually include in your comment what your answer was so that we can see where you might possibly have gone wrong.


Forgot h in anche. Big mistake?

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