"Мені треба вчити українську."

Translation:I need to learn Ukrainian.

July 14, 2015

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I need an explanation of the grammar here.


Yes, compare to Spanish and German!

Mir ist kalt <~> Мені холодно (no verb here though)

Gefällt mir <~> Me gusta <~> Мені подобається

Words like можна (is allowed to), треба (need) make this strange sentence structure, where the subject is not "я" but some imaginary "it". Мені холодно ~~> "it" is cold to me

Мені треба ~~> "it" needs to me... (literally) You can put both and verbs there: Мені треба молоко = I need milk, literally "Milk needs to me", kind of O_o

another example: Мені треба більше їсти = I need to eat more :)


Thanks for the great explanation!


Ok, thank you. For some reason in German and Spanish it seems easier to get used to these "backwards verbs", than in Ukrainian.


Doesn't вчити mean to teach? Would вчитися be more appropriate?

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