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Need Vocabulary.

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To the people that finished the Duolingo Spanish Tree. Where do you learn new Vocabulary words in Spanish? I personally haven't finished the Spanish tree, but i been considering what will happen when I'm done. Where will i learn new words.

3 years ago



You don't need a course for that. Simply getting exposure will do. Read books and newspapers, watch TV shows and movies, listen to the radio and podcasts, try translating articles in Duolingo's Immersion tab, have conversations, etc.

I suggest you put what words you learn into a memory software. I hear good things about Anki for PC and Genius for Mac.

3 years ago


I haven't finished the tree yet, but here are a bunch of free apps I like for learning extra Spanish vocab (and their authors):

  • Learn Spanish - Greg Vick
  • Learn Spanish - 3,400 words - Wlingua
  • Learn Spanish 6,000 words - Andrian Andronic
  • Memrise - Memrise (also a website: memrise.com)
  • Ba Ba Dum: babadum.com - (this one's a website)
3 years ago


Skim a dictionary for words you do not know or that are unfamiliar and write them down. Writing helps you remember words.

3 years ago


I found this resource some time ago: http://www.veintemundos.com/magazines/117-en/ They feature various articles written in Spanish that are accompanied by a play button where the article is read to you. Write down new words as you come across them and then use SpanishDict.com to look them up. SpanishDict, StudySpanish, and many other sites also have a 'word of the day' feature. I'd suggest finding and saving the link so you can check on them from time to time.

3 years ago