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Esperanto course is the best one!

Oh it is so good, the notes are perfect , I tried "lernu" before here, but I couldn't understand well. For other courses I needed to go to other sites to look for grammar and examples, but with Esperanto it is not necessary , all the information is there in a simple way , I just love it so much. Thank you moderators, you are great!

July 15, 2015



I completely agree with you. The Esperanto tree has a very precise explanation in the Tips and notes which make it easier for any learner.


I also agree with these comments. I have now worked my way through a number of Esperanto courses but the Duolingo one is probably the best I have seen. I particularly like the rather good explanation of the very grammar terms and uses.


That's probably going to be my next tree


Oh :) you are going to love it :) ,as you study French, Spanish and Italian, it is going to be pretty easy for you.


I agree as well, the tips and notes section. And just the way it is set up in general is great.


Mi konsentas :D


Esperanto is probably the best language to teach in the Duolingo manner: it's regular enough, it can be learnt this way.

And of course the brilliant team behind the course has done an immense work.

Those two reasons combined give the effect we have — the best language course at Duolingo! :)


It is great isn't it? I just reset my course. I'll be doing it again.


Thank you! A lot of that is thanks to Karen Halloran, a technical writer who has been helping us clean up all the writing to make the Notes as clear as possible. Thanks Karen! :)


Oh yeah , you are really professionals :) , I remember I stayed many months waiting and complaining to myself "why are they delaying so much? " everyday I went there to see the progress, for me were years of waiting hahahaha, but now that it is ready I understand , perfection takes time :)


It was months of waiting, But they were pretty fast. Some course were first to start but still they have not finished.


Maybe she waited only several months for them to finish making the beta, but the Duolingo founder expressed plans to make a course for Esperanto as far back as 2013.


Hi amuzulo, the notes & tips section is very helpful, however, I noticed that it is missing from the iphone Duolingo app, are you guys aware of this?

Also, I can't figure out how to send reports of problems from the iphone app. Some of the questions have mistakes, but I can't report them because they only appear in the app (not on the website). I'd like to make sure the app's content is equally vetted before you get out of beta, but I'm unable to help in that regard.


Unfortunately that's a Duolingo problem. From what I understand no languages has notes on iOS or on Android.


ah, thank you. It's my first time using Duolingo so I didn't know that.

Hopefully they'll add that feature at some point since some people I know use Duolingo exclusively from their phones, so they're missing out on the excellent tips & notes.


I totally agree. The first time I tried using duolingo seriously, with German, I used it via the app exclusively. My single biggest complaint was the lack of any kind of explanation or context whatsoever. Little did I know that there were excellent explainers the whole time - just hiding away on the website.

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