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  5. "Skjerfet hans er gammelt."

"Skjerfet hans er gammelt."

Translation:His scarf is old.

July 15, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Do you add a -t at the end of adjectives describing items? Haven't seen "gammel" with a -t before.


    You add it to most adjectives describing singular, neuter nouns outside of the definite form. Adjectives ending in "ig" or "sk" almost never add the T, because it sounds bad.


    Stop making fun of my dialect :P


    Can someone please explain to me what are the different forms of "gammel" and when to use them? I'm confused 'cause the writing seems to always change haha. Tusen takk!


    Gammel , gammelt, and gamle Are used in singular ( f/m) , neuter, plural Eg he is a old man han er en gammle mann, Old House Gammelt huset, Gamle dyr .(if I'm wrong correct it with proper reason) :)

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