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Quick lesson practice question...

When we click on the big friendly 'lesson practice' button on the right of our homepage, does it randomly chose vocabulary, or does it use our weakest vocabulary?

Basically, I've noticed there are a few words I've only seen once, and I want to make sure I'm getting them all.

Thanks in advance for any help! :]

October 14, 2013



I've had several discussions with the Duo staffer "tatou" on the forums about how this works. Generally (occasional buggy behavior notwithstanding), Lesson Practice selects the words in your vocabulary that are the weakest. You can see your weakest words by viewing the Vocabulary page and sorting the list by Strength, lowest to highest. If, however, all words in your vocabulary are at full strength or 4 bars, Lesson Practice will choose words that have the oldest "last practiced date". These can be seen on the Vocabulary page by sorting the Last Practiced column from oldest to newest date.


Hey dincxjo- lesson practice is weakest words overall :)


Except for when all words are full strength as described in my other post.

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I think that in theory it should prioritize your weakest words. In practice, the spaced repetition algorithms are not yet perfect and some words seem to come up too often or too seldom.

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