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"Le siècle"

Translation:The century

December 30, 2012



duolingo offers three possible translations: age, world, century. Why does it allow only one as correct


Exactly. Decided to live dangerously and chose THE AGE. Got dinged for it. Of course, here there is no context, so I would be interested in an answer to your question as well.


As to hints, the top-listed hint is most likely going to be a good choice.


Thanks, n6. It looks like from your response below that sometimes definitions might be included which have been or may be used in some limited contexts, but are not generally accepted. That would explain a lot~



I really don't follow you: "le siècle" is "century", not world (le monde) or "age/era" (l'époque). What is it that you believe was incorrectly not accepted?


These are the three words given as hints when you hover over siècle. I'm curious as to which contexts the other two are correct.


An expression sometimes used in a religious sense "world without end" = pour les siècles des siècles. Through the ages = à travers les âges or les siècles. The Age of Reason (History) = le siècle des lumières.


I can't hear from Duo's voice. But 'siecle' does one pronounce the 'l' at all?


You kind of...flirt with it? Like in le circle, or how you just sort of flirt with the "r" in "le livre." It's not as pronounced as an english speaker would make it in our language.

Sometimes, you don't even really hear that last consonant. When some people say "peut-être" (maybe), it just sounds like "pu-tet". Yet some say the "r" fully, like "pu-tetra."

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