"I have some problems with that program."

Translation:Mi havas kelkajn problemojn pri tiu programo.

July 15, 2015

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What are the differences between "pri tiu programo" and "kun tiu programo" in this sentence? Both are accepted, but I'm curious if there are small differences in the meaning.


Could you say "iom da problemojn"? If so, what's different about the words?


Almost. You can say "iom da problemoj_" without the accusative, because the noun follows the preposition "da".


Ah, yes. I see that now. Thank you.


The difference between 'iom' and 'kelkaj' is that 'iom', as part of the correlatives, is quite literally 'some', or more precisely, 'some quantity'. 'Kelkaj' means 'a few' or 'several' (think quelque if you know French). Thus, both fit the sentence appropriately. I might personally lean towards 'kelkaj' as sounding natural given the context.


This explanation was very helpful! I was so confused about the nuances between the two


My main problem is that the tips and notes aren't available on the mobile app.

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    Why is it "iun problemojn" and not "ian problemojn"?


    "iujn problemojn" would mean: I have some specified problems... "iajn problemojn" would mean: I have some kind of problems...

    Please note the plural for "iujn" and "iajn"

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      Thank you.

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