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"Nosotros vamos a aplicar para ser maestros."

December 30, 2012



"aplicar" is wrong to use in this case because it is more of an application of a direct object. also to ask for a "solicitud" is generally more appropriate. Using this "cognate" is wrong and is like using embarazado to mean embarrassed. this just highlights the lack of understanding of the spanish language of a language of its own but rather having it compared to english and having english be superior.


Shouldn't this be "suplicar"? "Aplicar" has a connotation of direct and physical application (like suncream).


"Suplicar" is "to beg". "Aplicar" is fine here.


I've never heard 'aplicar' to mean this (rather 'pedir' or 'solicitar' and a quick glance in the dictionary sheds no new light on it. Is it a regional thing? I can certainly imagine it being used in places where Spanish is in contact with English, but what about elsewhere in Latin America?


Según mi experiencia, se usa "solicitar" mucho más, y a veces "postular" o "pedir".


Why is it necessary to include "para"?


mousing over para yielded "in order to" in the hints. You can do that right here at the top of this page. That little triangle extends the list.


I also think "aplicar" is used incorrectly in this case.
The link is interesting reading on this subject. http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=569052

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