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When can we expect to see the Esperanto Tree 2.0?

I'm sorry if this has been answered already but I couldn't find anything turn up in search. I was just wondering if there was an estimate when the additional lessons will be added onto the Esperanto tree? I know the contributors probably hate questions like these, but since we no longer see an estimate in percentages because the course has graduated to Beta, I feel like it is now a complete mystery and I don’t know if I will have to wait a few hours, weeks or months (I won’t even think years!).

Is it even being worked on now or are all the contributors and moderators only focusing on stabilizing the current course?

Thank you, Team Esperanto! I eagerly await the future addtions to the course!

July 15, 2015



Short: They're not working on it because they can't.

Longer: Up to now, Tree versioning is not something teams (any of them) can do: most of the courses are under 1.0, even the older ones.
Duo is working on a reliable, scalable, automatic process to create/test/manage tree versioning.
We all have to be patient. ;)

So for the moment, no team can create a version 2.0 of their tree.
The few new version of trees you can see are for a very few number of courses that were given the possibility to do so for a first test on a first version of this reliable, scalable, automatic process Duo is trying to construct.

However, even if Esperanto team could, I'm not sure they already would do so, only them know. ;)
They may be wait to, as you said, stabilize the current course and also to learn more about what isn't working for learners and should be changed.


Thanks for your reply.

I've heard a few selected courses may be in the process of getting their tree expanded but I thought Esperanto was in a different category that they had purposely released a shortened version first (I believe a whole checkpoint is missing in comparison to the average course.) So i thought the plan for the Esperanto tree was to first realise a shorter one and then to add more courses later. I could be wrong though and it could be the same process as all the other courses and therefore we'd have to wait a very long time.

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