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"Куди вони будуть їхати завтра?"

Translation:Where will they go tomorrow?

July 15, 2015



the gerund in English can also refer to the future: e.g. "Where are they going (to) tomorrow"


Where are they going tomorrow = Куди вони їдуть завтра?


The construct 'going to' is a way in English of referring to the future without using the future tense (there are many ways of doing this in English). However, to replace the future tense here, the phrase would be something like 'Where are they going to go tomorrow?'. The 'going to' is not used in the same way as the 'go'. The first is to replace the future tense, the second is to indicate what is to happen in the future.


When do you use їхати or іти


Їти = go on foot, їхати = go by car, train

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