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  5. "Bu kursun amacı nedir?"

"Bu kursun amacı nedir?"

Translation:What is the purpose of this course?

July 15, 2015



Is "What is the point of this course?" too far off the literal translation?


I would translate that as "bu kursun nedeni nedir?" :) "point" is kind of an elusive word in English that means a lot of things, none of which are that terrible different from the other.


No. It should work. Report it if it doesn't


why is it nedir? is it a general statement? it is just a question isnt it?


You will hear "nedir" on questions a lot. It is really common and the same meaning doesn't really carry over. :) (In fact, it kind of sounds more polite than they ne)


I already thought that it might have something to do with sounding more polite...and its true it sounds better :) but its not always nedir...is there a rule to it, when you use it or is it just used when the speaker feels its more plite to say so? thanks for your help :)


This reply is late but perhaps someone who will come along here may profit of this link:


türkçe öğrenmek, değil mi?


To learn the beautiful Turkish language!


I put "class" instead of "course", is there a difference?


In English, "class" can mean either the single lesson taught that day or the entire course. Compare "Today's class will cover the second law of thermodynamics" versus "I need one more French class to get my degree." Similarly, "What is the purpose of this class?" could mean either "What are we trying to accomplish today?" or "What are we going to learn during the many weeks of this course/class?" Because of this ambiguity, probably better to use "course" when the Turkish word "kurs" is used.


Ok, so kurs is only course. What would the word for class be? As in "today's class"?


Nedir is like a more commonly used synonym for ne, right


Can't i say what is the aim of the course instead of the purpose of the course as suggested answer ?



Can't i say what is the aim of the course instead of the purpose of the course as suggested answer ? - Evet.


"Bu kursun amacı nedir?" Translation: What is the purpose of this course?


What is the aim of this course? - Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


It didn't accept it today.....


Hello Eva

Bu araştırmanın amacı. - The aim of this study.

Sorry to hear that. I will try it again during a revision lesson.

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