"They serve fish and potatoes."

Translation:Riarann siad iasc agus prátaí.

3 years ago



why not "freastalaíonn siad iasc agus prátaí"? (http://www.teanglann.ie/en/fgb/freastail)

2 years ago


Riar is a transitive verb where the object is the thing being "served up".

Freastail is a transitive verb where the object is the thing or person that service is being given to - freastalaíonn siad ar an bpobal - "they serve the public".

In English you need context to tell whether "They served Bacon" is a statement about breakfast, or about the people who work for the actor, Kevin Bacon. In irish, you use two different verbs.

2 years ago

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Is "iasc is prátaí" correct?

1 year ago


Do Irish people literally ask for "fish and potatoes" when they ask for fish and chips in Irish in Ireland?

3 years ago


No, they don't. sceallóg(a(í)) is the word for 'chip(s)' (the í is in Conamara)

3 years ago
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