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Any chance of Latin on Duolingo

I've been taking Latin this past school year and i've found it very helpful with my learning of French. Latin being the root of all romance languages, I believe Latin would be challenging but interesting to have on Duolingo. Who agrees?

July 15, 2015



I've also been taking Latin (for the past two years), and it has helped with trying to learn Spanish. I was wondering if they would put it up on here. Maybe they only do languages that are actually spoken? If not, it would be great to contribute to putting Latin on here.


I agree, it would be very interesting and useful. If you know Latin well or know someone that does, you can apply to contribute for a Latin course.



Latin is the language I have seen most requested in the fora along with Japanese, Arabic and Finnish.

Of those languages only Latin and Finnish have not even entered the incubator (Japanese and Arabic have a reverse course)

edit: please add latin


I would love to someday put Latin on the incubator.


There is KLINGON. Why not Latin?


What even is Klingon anyway?


It is a language created in star trek series by the kilngon species.


I really don't like that Klingon is on Duolingo. It's not useful!


I do not like star trek, so I'm truuue neutral about it.


Latin may not be in the Incubator because not enough people have offered to do the course. In the Incubator application you have to write a paragraph on why you want to be part of creating the course, then you have to translate your paragraph into the language you will be teaching to show that you are bilingual. Maybe several applications weren't translated accurately so there isn't anyone to create the course.


I've been taking Latin ever since I was a child, by the time I enter my senior year in high school I will be able to translate books in that beautiful language. No joke!


I would sign up to take Latin!


Latin would be hard to put on the incubator.


Latin would be an amazing addition. I hope they add it soon.


If anyone knows someone fluent in Latin, you should recommend that they start an incubator course for it.


because Latin is a dead language it is not spoken, but is still greatly used.


I know, but you could still be fluent in it.

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