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  5. "Barış düşman ile yapılır."

"Barış düşman ile yapılır."

Translation:Peace is made with the enemy.

July 15, 2015



I kept reading it as a proper name since his mother has featured in some alıştırmalar. LOL. (or maybe gülemem güleyorum?)


Yeah, me too when I first encountered it. But, every time I see it, it reminded me of that proper noun is some practice. I remember the sentence that you refer to. It is "Bisiklet Barış'ın annesinin hoşuna gitti.". Don't know why I remember this sentence. :D


@Lambertsimnel Actually it is a quote from Game of Thrones (Tv Series). Some how modified.


That's deep. Is it an authentic Turkish proverb?


Why is it wrong to say " Peace with the enemy is made"? İt was cobsidered wrong. İ don't see why.


I am asking me the same, perhaps because from English to Turkish I would have translated the above sentence as "Düşman ile barış yapilir". May be that is wrong. Can anybody explain why?


those two sentences looks like same but "barış düşmanla yapılır" is including a metaphor and it's mean: barış düşmanla yapılır, dostla barış yapmaya gerek yoktur.


You might see that phrasing in poetry, but never in normal speech.


Barış düşmanla yapılır diyor ama cevapta,enemies kullanıyor,neden?!

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