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Etymological dictionary for Bokmål?

Is there a good etymological dictionary for Bokmål besides wiktionary? I'm very interested in the history and development of words and most of the time it's a lot easier for learning purposes if I can associate a Norwegian word with an English or German counterpart.

July 15, 2015



Sometimes nob-ordbok is quite useful.


It usually does give the etymology there, but you have to know Norwegian first, of course.


"Norsk etymologisk ordbok" by Yann de Caprona on Kagge forlag 2013 and "Våre arveord- etymologisk ordbok" by Harald Bjorvand and Fredrik Otto Lindeman on Novus forlag 2000. I think perhaps the fist one is better for your purpose, but I don't know it personally, I have only read about it.


Thanks. I was looking for something online though.

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