Polish is beautiful and... REALLY HARD!!! JakubSch

Polish is beautiful and... REALLY HARD!!!

I think Polish is the hardiest language. But it's beautiful too!

LESSON 1 (I'm 13 years old and I'am Polish so my English cans have some wrongs) PRONUNCIATON: Really hard word is "chrząszcz" (beetle). But, of course, I haven't any problems with this :). It sounds that: hshonshch. Yes, that sees bad, but if you will do some exercises... first "h" sounds like in "hedgehoge".

"chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie, w Szczebrzeszynie" That is famous polish sentence, from Jan Brzechwa poem. In English it is: "the beetle is buzzing in reed, in Szczebrzeszyn". Szczebrzeszyn is a town in Poland. Easy?

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