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Why don't the Incubator add new languages

There are so many languages that the community wish were in the Incubator, and so many qualified people willing to contribute. And still duo doesn't add the languages, why?

July 15, 2015



They already have a lot of languages in beta, maybe they need to finish some of them before start creating new courses.


I think the reason is along those lines. They only add more once there is enough space.

Also, there isn't always enough qualified contributors. If perhaps the reverse course of the language you wanted to learn was still in Beta, I don't think that they'd start the course either.


Good question! I was wondering about that myself. We can all think of lots of reasons why but the only people who know for sure are Duolingo staff.


The issue is to do with bandwidth, I believe. They've said in the past that they'd like to add as many as they can, but it just isn't feasible due to resource constraints.


I think I read somewhere the incubator is limited to 25 languages in development (pre-beta phase). Not a technological limit, but an ideological limit, to insure the quality of the courses produced.


A couple of languages will be coming out of incubator and into Beta soon, so it's just a matter of time.

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