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  5. "Anden producerer ikke mælk."

"Anden producerer ikke mælk."

Translation:The duck does not produce milk.

July 15, 2015



The sound is bad. .. The word .. Anden (in English: duck) is pronounced with the wrong intonation. The stress must be on the first part of the word. In the audio the word is (to me) heard as something else (it has a sound where the stress increases throughout the pronunciation - like in the word anden (første, anden, tredje). Which is wrong. The trouble arises because DUO does not discriminate between different words in their word-bank! Elas


A better English translation would be: "the duck does not produce any milk".


I think it would depend on whether it's a specific duck or any duck - in the mad world of Duo where such things might be discussed!!!


You're right, but if it's any duck, then it would be "Ducks don't produce milk". I wonder which one the Danish means?!


Not with that attitude

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