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"I am getting off the train and getting on the bus."

Translation:Trenden iniyorum ve otobüse biniyorum.

July 15, 2015



to get on something: bir şeye binmek


So it will be in the dative form, Right??


if it's trenDEN iniyorum why didn't we say in the other sentence "buradan iniyorum" ? it was "burada iniyorum"


You could say "I am getting off the train here," so "here" and "train" are serving different functions in the sentence.

When you are getting off the train (trenden iniyorum) you are exiting "from" the train, hence ablative.

When you are getting off here (burada iniyorum) there is no mention of what you are exiting but only where you are doing the exiting, hence locative.

"buradan iniyorum" would be more like "I am getting off of this place" rather than "burada iniyorum" which is "I am getting off at this place."


Thank you so much that was really clear :)


what does 'biniyorum' mean?

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