"Buksene er ikke mine."

Translation:The pants are not mine.

July 15, 2015

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We dont use the word pants for trousers in English


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In this example, does "buksene" mean multiple pair of trousers or just one? I'm a bit confused since words like this (e.g. also glasses) are plural in single form if that makes sense ;) So could you also say "Buksen er ikke min"?!?


To make it a bit more confusing: "Bukse" (same with "brille") is one of those words that's often used in plural - even though it refers to a single pair of pants (or glasses). "Så fine bukser du har!" (You've got a nice pair of pants!) "Er det de nye buksene dine?"(That's your new pants?) "De brillene passer til deg." (Those glasses fit you very well.)

This plural form is often used in every day speech, and you'd have to rely on context to know if "buksene" or "brillene" is referring to one or several. These sentences can of course be changed to singular, avoiding the confusion;) "Så fin buske du har!" "Er det den nye buksen din?" "Den brillen passer til deg."


'buksene' refers to multiple pair of trousers. You could say "Buksen are ikke min" if you were talking about a single pair of pants. It's common to refer to it as such.

'briller' is often plural in Norwegian, just as glasses. It is possible to use "brille"(singular) in a few cases

'sko' is 'sko' in indefinite plural(irregular), so it will appear to be singular, while it isn't.


Ok, tusen takk! :)


So it doesn't behave the same as Swedish 'byxorna' even though they sound the same?


I'm afraid I don't know enough Swedish to answer that question. What does 'byxorna' mean?

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      We don't use the word trousers in America. This isn't the 1950's anymore.

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