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Duolingo screen problem

Is there something wrong with Duolingo? Or is this just me? http://i.imgur.com/DqpD7pY.png P.S. That is a real screenshot.

FIXED! Thanks Luis, you sure are fast!

October 15, 2013



We're working on fixing this.


I don't know how to share a screen shot, but I do know my page is looking like it never has before, on an iPad, not the app, using iOS 7


This should now be fixed. Can you try reloading the screen?


Ya, everything looks weird for me too.


Edit: I didn't mean to reply to you. Since it was messed up, I guess I clicked on the wrong box to send my reply.


Can you try reloading?


Alright, just tried it. It worked, but then when I reloaded again to test it again, it went back to doing this.


Edit: Now I am seeing what the OP saw after reloading again.

Edit 2: Now I am seeing everything normal.

Edit 3: Back to being messed up lol.

It looks kinda cool. You guys should keep it like this.

Edit 4: A new view! http://i.imgur.com/RsbCazb.png


Can you try doing shift+reload?


Dang comment chain limit. Anyways, after shift+reloading I see this on the first try. Note the duolingo logo missing from the top left corner. http://i.imgur.com/jLyIFps.png Edit: It's working now.

Edit 2: Nvm. The Duolingo logo is back, but the background on the sides is just a pure light blue.

Edit 3: It's back to doing all kinds of crazy views for me when reloading and when shift+reloading. I like the view where it makes me think I can edit people's posts.

Edit 4: You guys did it! Every time I reload now it's working.


Ok, i did, and it's fine now! O_O you guys are fast!


Yes, so annoying. Also refreshing helps.

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