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"I feel like eating strawberries."

Translation:Canım çilek yemek istiyor.

July 16, 2015



Literally my life wants to eat strawberries?


Ahhh. So my soul wants to eat strawberries. I like "My soul wants" more than "I feel like." Thanks!


If only we said it in English (I mean, I do, but I am far from a normal person).


This sentence might not be the best teaching example. The correct answer uses a singular for strawberries, but the preview shows a plural. Also, the preview sentence didn't say the verb 'want.' It said 'feel' so why does the answer use want? And where the heck did the canim come from?


EmptyNextExpat, in the Turkish sentence you have the verb "canı istemek"= to feel like, be in the mood to, fancy". "CanıM ...isityor"="i am in the mood of...." As AlexinNotTurkey in his comment above, "MY soul wants.." You should read previous comments before writing your comment. When we traslate an English/Turkish sentence, we have not to expect that it will be a literaly translation. Each language has its specific way to express things, especially the emotions. What do you think?


Yes, but general direct objects stay in the plural form, direct objects are the objects that the verb had a direct effect on the object, here we are eating the strawberry, that is a direct effect on çilek. General objects mean objects that are not specific, in this sentence, çilek may refer to any strawberry in the world


Ben Çilek yiyorum gibi hisediyorum ?????


Yes, gibi means "like", but gibi is used only to express familiarity. Here you are using it to express your liking to do something, what you did is wrong


So canım is addressed as a third person. This can be compared to persian my heart wants, dili man mekhaha or urdu dil chahta hai


'Canım çilek çekiyor' should be accepted


'I want to eat honey strawberries'. ????




'I want to eat honey strawberries'. ????

Canım balı çilek yemek istiyor.

Only Greek organic Honey from Cyprus.

How are you?


"I feel like eating strawberries." Translation: Canım çilek yemek istiyor.

Yes please. Cream as well? Yummy.


Why is canım çilekler yemek istiyor wrong?


MarekArtist, because in this sentence "çilek" is an indefinite, object (unspecific strawberries), therefore remaining singular.


I just write "çileklar" instead of "çilek" and marked as wrong. Why?

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