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Language settings.

I'm learning spanish and I think it would be a lot more beneficial for me as a language learner to be able to change the language settings so the duolingo interface is in spanish. Can something like this be implemented? I think it would really help individuals who are middle to advanced language learners.

Edit: I'm aware that if you change the settings to "Quiero aprender ingles (yo se espanol)," the whole site will be in spanish. I just think it would be a lot more convenient for users to be able to edit language settings without having to change the language they want to learn.

October 15, 2013



That's a really good idea. Therefore, we (us learners) will be fully immersed in the language that we're learning. I hope that they (the duolingo teem) do that! :)


Same opinion. It's fantastic that a lot of other languages will be implemented by crowdfunding, but Duolingo should use the main languages (the now existing language trees) everywhere. Why not let it translate by its skilled users? =)


Great idea and the website is already available in Spanish for people learning English from Spanish.


Side note: I didn't move this discussion back and forward just to get to the top of the list. Duolingo glitched on me and this discussion somehow ended up on the spanish side of the web. D:

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