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"Dum la kongreso estos ekskursoj ktp."

Translation:During the conference there will be excursions and so on.

July 16, 2015



What is ktp short for?


"kaj tiel plu" (and so on).

Some people pronounce it like that (i.e. like "kaj tiel plu"), some like "ko to po", i.e. letter by letter (accent on the "po" in that case).

The English equivalent is roughly "etc." (et cetera).


So, is that how you pronounce acronyms in esperanto, by using 'o'? Could I say fro instance 'katapa' or 'kitipi' or whatever? If I were to say DVD, would I say 'dovodo', or what?


Well, you just pronounce them by saying the letter names.

Just as, say, HTTP is aitch tee tee pee in English and not, say, hee tee tee pee, because the letter H is called aitch not hee.

In Esperanto, the names of vowel letters are just their sound (e.g. "A" is called "a") and the names of consonant letters are the consonant sound plus "o", so e.g. the letter "D" is called "do".

So yes, a DVD is "do vo do" in Esperanto.

But not "dovodo"! (Though you may find that as well.)

Esperanto words are accented on the next to last syllable, so "dovodo" would be pronounced "dovódo", but acronyms are usually pronounced with the accent on the last letter name, so "do vo dó". Writing them as separate words makes that clearer.


Yes, all the words except vowels are pronounced by using o.


why is konferenco not used for conference but kongreso that is used for congress is used?


Could you translate as: "okazos ekskursoj" ?


I would say so.

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