Signed Up At IFI!

So recently (just earlier this month actually) I signed up and started my class over at IFI (Institute Français d'Indonésie) which is a part of the Embassy of France (I suppose?) in Indonesia. I started the class and at the A1 level although I am at 28% progress here at Duolingo because I wanted to learn from the basic. Duolingo starts with simple nouns and introduction to gender immediately such as apple, boy, girl, etc while in the class I was taught sé presenter first, gradually move up to l'alphabet and compter.

I am aiming as high as I could over at IFI and planning to take DELF once I reached B level. However I have dreams of continuing my study to France one day (minimum requirement for scholarship application at IFI is B2 level) and wondering could anybody here can offer some advices in advancing my learning progress and probably have had similar experiences?

July 16, 2015


Good luck with your french study. Just a small hint, your username is ungrammatical in French. It's either chat noir (for a male cat) or chatte noire (for a female cat). And nouns in French rarely appear without a determiner (le, la, un, une, etc).

Duolingo lets you edit your name on your user account if you want to do so.

July 17, 2015

Gee thanks! And yes, I am completely aware of my grammar mistake in my user name (I picked it up years ago before I started to learn French) and know that it's either chat noir or chatte noire. I just feel like keeping it for sentimental reason (since I kinda used this username basically everywhere from games to forums).

July 17, 2015
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