"Íocfaidh sí amárach ach caillfidh mé an t-airgead ansin."

Translation:She will pay tomorrow but I will lose the money then.

3 years ago



Íocfaidh mé go sásta duit Dé Máirt do hamburger inniu.

2 years ago


Silly question....is this sentence is saying that the speaker will have lost the money because "she" paid, or that the speaker will have lost the money before "she" has the opportunity to pay?

3 years ago


He will lose the money after she pays.

3 years ago


Can anyone tell me if "ansin" always means "then" in relation to time, or are there other words/expressions for "then"? Or, is it used as frequently in this context as "then" is in English? (At least in American English, where we did this and then that and then we did the other thing but then something else happened and then later we'll do something else...)

2 months ago
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