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  5. "Vinduene er åpne."

"Vinduene er åpne."

Translation:The windows are open.

July 16, 2015



I looked in the dictionary, and åpen is an adjective (Døren er åpen/The door is open) and åpne is a verb (Åpne døren/Open the door). Is this sentence (Vinduene the windows er åpne) incorrect, or is åpne also the plural form of åpen? Or am I missing something else?


It is the plural form of the adjective 'åpen'. The neuter form is 'åpent'.

It is, as you said, also a verb. 'åpne' would be the infinitive or the imperative, but it wouldn't fit to have them in their current position in sentence. "Åpne vinduet" = "Open the window".


So, it is "åpne" for plural, not "åpene"? Is it just irregular, or am I missing or misinterpreting some rule? And wouldn't it be thoughtful to add this to the "tips and notes" for this unit?


it's a rule but a special one.


adjectives that end in -el, -er and -en just have the last two letters swapped for the plural form. although the other examples given also follow the special rule where you'll often see double letters get reduced to single letters.

gammel -> gamle

vakker -> vakre

åpen -> åpne


So is åpne in this sentence adjective or verb?

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