"Ця маршрутка їде у лікарню?"

Translation:Does this share taxi go to the hospital?

July 16, 2015

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Should not it be better "Ця маршрутка їде до лікарні?"


Should be :)


A маршрутка is a minivan or minibus, yes, that stops when passengers ask. A city bus is a long bus that stops at all the busstops.


"Share taxi" is not a common phrase in American English and is confusing and not intuitive to American English speakers.


Moreover "маршрутка" follows the same route as a regular bus, imho "shuttle" is a better word. "dollar van" or "jitney" will be a closer match. but may be also unrecognisable due to lack of public transportation.


I agree, I translated it as a Taxi-Share personally... And I am a native Ukrainian speaker/ And I have been an english speaker for over 30 years. :/


A bus do not go into a hospital. Though correctly translate ...до лікарні instead ...у лікарню. But if you say to someone that you have to go to a hospital, you need to say ...у лікарню


Людина іде саме У лікарню (тут може бути into(якщо вже заходить в середину)/in/to). Але автобус їде тільки ДО лікарні


British-English citizens never say, "Share-taxi". In fact, we don't really have "shared-taxi" services. It's more common when someone notices someone else getting into a taxi and asks the question, "Is/does this taxi going to/past the hospital"?, that it would be relevant. "Is" is more popular than "does" when asking this style question too.

I think the same answer without the word "share" should be accepted, but I sense the actual sentence in Ukrainian might be different as this specifically refers to the 'share-taxi' idea in Ukraine.


I think it's just something that doesn't exist in the English speaking world. Most native English speakers living in the former Soviet space (not just Ukraine) refer to them just as "marshrutki".


Why is the hospital in the instrumental case in this sentence? I would have expected the locative or maybe accusative case.


It's a colloquial usage, literally "into the hospital." A more proper way would be "до лікарні."


"У лікарню" = "INTO the hospital". Here it should be "ДО лікарні"


100% the correct translation will be "до лікарні"! If you say "у лікарню" than you have to come in the hospital. It relates to people but not to the transport.

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