"Eu sou um lobo."

Translation:I am a wolf.

October 15, 2013

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I'm certain that I hear, "Eu sou um oaj%bg*iqe".


Yes, the sound is wrong please report to the duolingo. I'm Brazilian and I don't understand


I wanna ask , why brazilians learning portuguese here!!? Although they are already speaking portuguese !!?


[27/04/15] It's a good challenge to do it and it's good for everybody because we know portuguese and we can help you when exist some question.


Great , i found or i met many brazilians here ,, so i guessed that are here just or only for helping people to learn their language and that's really great and helpful , good people you are .. So i like brazilians , good people and good country ,, sorry for my bad english ,, obrigado irmao .


[28/04/15] No problem guy, I can understand what you meant. Até mais


Because in the English course, we answer most questions in Portuguese, and in this Portuguese course we answer most questions in English. It is better to practice our writing. And here, we can read a lot of American discussions and help you. (I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm learning English)


so how do you pronounce lobo


[26/06/15] Now the sound is ok, but you can listen to here.


Here's the way I would say it: "lo" like the same way you would say "low" but without the "w" and then "bo" like you would boo at a concert or something, but you cut the sound of the "o" off much sooner. I hope that makes sense.


08-01-2016 o som está perfeito.


I agree, I had a hard time trying to figure this out


sound is also not working for me.


Yeah, it's often hard to understand but that one is really tough to make out.


Yes i heard bolo too but checked the dictionary so it meant "cake" so I figured it has to be an animal in the animal exercise and lobo worked And I had no hearts left either :)


Yes, I am. Wooooooooooooo


This sentence reminds me of the Shakira song. :)


How did you know that I was a wolf??????????????


Is a female wolf "Uma loba"?


Yes, you are correct. Loba is the female wolf. The famous statue in Rome we call " A loba romana".


When do I use Eu sou and Eu estou?


If it's the same as spanish, then sou (or ser infinitive) is a definitive quality, like I am tall, it's part of the essence of the thing being described. On the other hand, one would say Eu sou with something that isn't a defining quality of the described object. Eu estou aqui (I am here) is something I am, but I would still be the same me if I wasn't here. In "Eu sou um lobo", I am something entirely different were lobo to change, but this is untrue for aqui.


The same Latin roots gave us the English nouns "essence" and "state".

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