"That is our room."

Translation:Das ist unser Raum.

December 30, 2012

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I feel like Zimmer would be more appropriate in this context


I as a native german would say in this case it's equal. You can use both.


why Unser not Unserer?


Unserer is dative - as in "Wir spielen mit unserer Katze" but here there's no dative. Hence unser for singular neuter nouns.


What is the difference between Zimmer and Raum?


In this case there is no difference. But "Zimmer" is only used when you mentioned the rooms in a flat or building. "Raum" you can also use for this but it can also be used as translation for "area", "sector" and "distance". For example "the distance between us" (der Raum/die Distanz zwischen uns), " at the policitcal sector of Hungary"(im politischen Raum von Ungarn), "in the area of London you find a lot of footbal fans"(im Raum London findet man viele Fußballfans).


Can someone explain why Unser and not Unseren? it is "Der Raum" after all.


After verbs like "to be", it is not accusative but nominative. It is an attribute, not an object. It is not something on what the subject do something, but it is equal to the subject. Here "Das" means, equals "unser Raum". And the form in nominative masculine is "unser".


why not Unseres since Zimmer is neuter


Why was I marked wrong for Zimmer?


I agree with the thinking that Raum and Zimmer are interchangeable in this case


Room can be also Platz ( There's no room for it. / Da ist kein Platz (da)für. ). Zimmer is adequate too, when the context is more like 'chamber'. Raum - Zimmer / room - chamber


why unser and not unseres or unsere or unseren can someone explain this to me. Thanks in advance

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