"Si det!"

Translation:Who knows!

July 16, 2015



Linn, du er så flink; du alltid overrasker oss med en veldig god forklaring. Mange takk xx


Takk, det var hyggelig sagt! :)

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I wonder= Jeg lurer. Si det!= Say it! Am I right?


"Si det!" can either be translated literally to the English imperative "Say it!", a little less literally to the imperative "Tell me!", or as an idiom/fixed expression to "Who knows!" or "I wonder!".

"I wonder..." in a literal sense can be translated as "Jeg undres..", "Jeg undrer meg (over).." or "Jeg lurer (på)...". However, both of the latter translations tend to take an object, so "Jeg lurer!" doesn't work very well as an exclamation on its own.


It sounds nearly identical to the English "You tell me!" when asked a question one can't answer - is it used the same way? E.g. "Kjæreste, hvor er brillene mine?" "Si det!"


I have no idea wether it's used in the same way, but it certainly helped me remeber it better. So thank you :-)


How about the English expression "You don't say!"


"Du sier ikke det."

You can throw in a "nei" at the start if you wish.


Is that an expression of disbelief?



  • Jeg lurer = I prowl (uncommon)

  • Jeg lurer på om... = I wonder if...

  • Jeg lurer folk = I fool people

"Si det!" would mean "Tell me!" or "Say it", but "Si det." can also be used idiomatically to mean "I wonder.".


Hahaha. Jeg lurer på en stein.


The different meanings of this phrase depends on how you pronounce it: Who knows = Si det, with stress on the de in det, and the long e sound, (like you get a bit introvert or meditative as you say it), as an imperative on the other hand you pronounce it differently: Si det! The stress in on both words, and if you should pick to put a nuance more stress on any of them, you should pick the "si". Si det, in impeative means: Tell it! (or Say it!).


My wife asked me 'what kind of translation is that?' I answered "Si det!'


I can understand the slow speech but at normal speed it soundsl like SEEBE with a definite B!


You pronounce «si det» almost like «side» but with space


Ok so it is an expression!


As a Brazilian Portuguese speaker I have no idea why "si det" means "who knows"

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