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"Mannen min synes det er for ryddig hjemme."

Translation:My husband thinks it is too tidy at home.

July 16, 2015



Yet again, words I will never say... ;)


synes feels?? thinks tenker tror mener??


mener = think as in opine; be almost sure: "I think it's a good idea." "I think it was yesterday."
synes = think/feel as in opine; seem: "I think it's a good film." "It seems harmless."
tenker = think as in is engaged in the act of thinking: "I think, therefore I am."
tror = believe (both meanings), think: "I believe in God." "I believe that's the case." "I think so."

As you can see, there's quite some overlap. The most common mistake among English speakers is using "tenker" when sharing opinions and doubts.


Just to be clear it's "synes" and not "syner": so, is it an irregular verb?


I'm also confused about this. My understanding is that it is an S-verb, but what's the relationship with S passive? (If any)


"My man thinks it is too tidy home?" Should there be an "at" in there?


hjemme = at home hjem = home


It sounds lame, but the way I remember the difference between hjemme vs. hjem (as well as inne vs. inn, uppe vs. upp etc.) is I think of the "e" as a little marker meaning "at"


That's exactly right. It is locative.


Take a lingot for making me finally remember it lol


says none of them EVER!!! I am a full time homemaker-aquaponic greenhouse caretaker, poultry farmer, et. there is no time for a "too tidy at home" statement to be true!

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