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Best way to get caught up again after a long break?

I've been really busy since school started and haven't worked on my Italian at all and now it seems like I've forgotten all of it! Do you have any tips for getting caught back up?

October 15, 2013



I would just go back to earlier lessons and redo them, especially going back to topics which are giving you the most trouble. It's time consuming but important, I think.


Thanks! That's what I've been doing so far.


If you really forgot the most of it, you also could delete the whole language tree and start from the beginning. =)


That sounds a little scary. Lol.


When I learned Italian, I resisted a requirement to memorize sentences I would never use. Then I began to see their value. Those sentences established a structure in my mind that fit endless other sentences as I learned new vocabulary. The memorized sentences stuck with me through long gaps such as you've experienced. The whole of basic Italian has also stayed firm in my mind for 40 years now. It's a beautiful and musical language! Just be sure to memorize sentences where you alternate between both genders. You will have occasions to need both. Oh, memorize the musical inflections of your sentences! That makes or breaks the language to a born Italian. We English speakers tend to sound very flat to Italians. The linguistic music also helps the memory.

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