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I have been taken the French course. When I started (around a month ago), I didn't know anything about this language. Now I know how to make basic sentences and many words, so I can say that this is an amazing website and I really love it.

I know there are audio exercises, but nobody will correct them if I said that sentence correctly or not, so I was thinking about reading a paragraph or a random article, and some teachers or "qualified people" could review them, like Livemocha used to do it. That might be useful for our speaking skills, don't you think?

Ok. So my propose is: Do you like the idea of having a paragraph/article reading section in order to practice our speaking skills, and also some qualified native people from those languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German so far) chosen by Duolingo admins who can review them?

October 15, 2013



I like the idea, but I don't think it should be a priority since there are many sites that offer just that. I believe Duolingo team should rather work on things that are unique to Duolingo like the skill trees, immersion algorithms, language incubator and so on.

Also, qualifying people by admins is something that does not scale very well. On other sites where users check and correct other users, this works without any approval: everyone just states in their profile the languages they know and the level of these languages: native, fluent, advanced, intermediate, beginner. You do exercises in languages where you are less than advanced or fluent and check the others' exercises in your native language or languages you are fluent at.


Ah ok. I see. Sorry! :)

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