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  5. "Це моя рука, а це твоя рука."

"Це моя рука, а це твоя рука."

Translation:This is my hand and this is your hand.

July 16, 2015



How can рука mean hand and arm at the same time? What if you need to differentiate between those?


The one-to-one match for "hand" is "кисть," but it is more an anatomical/physiological term. It is not as common in daily speech as "рука."


If you need to differentiate between those you can say "кисть" for "hand" and "вся рука" for "arm"


Hand is exactly means "кисть". But in common speech they use "рука" for both cases (hand and arm).


Ні один носій англійської мови двічі б не повторював один і той самий іменник в одному реченні. Введіть можливі варіанти з займенниками або присвійними прийменниками.


How about Vinnfred's comment above?


Should accept "This is my hand and that is your hand". That English variation shows contrast - like the Ukrainian word "а".


Is it not possible then to translate the Ukrainian sentence as "This is my hand and this is your arm." ? Must one then use write in Ukrainian кисть in the first half of the statement to present the contrast?


The programme currently will not accept an English translation of "This is my arm and this is your arm." As рука means 'arm' , surely such an English translation should be accepted.

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